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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010
7:38 pm
interesting results on an experiment
Unix/linux has not one but several desktop environments (gui's).
Each with it's own system requirements. But they all built on x windows (Chrome OS & maybe droid change this).
But good ole X windows, born in 1984, with just a modern window manger can be elegant & lightweight.
Openbox is one such WM.

While it has been the basis of more complex desktops like LXDE, or used in Gnome or KDE, OpenBox by itself clocks in at 64 megs of memory. At its simplist it is just a terminal and a browser.
Now I'm experimenting with choice of browsers. I'm fond of Opera with its built in mail client and other features. But today I am experimenting with Chromium, the basis for Google's Chrome browser(not the OS).
I have to say on a 350 mhz laptop with 128 megs of ram is quite workable.
If you live in the cloud and use google mail and other cloud base apps, this machine becomes usable.

I'm impressed. And I don't praise Google easily.

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Thursday, May 6th, 2010
1:31 pm
MMORPG Ryzome is now opensourced!
solfox used to rave about Ryzome.
Well It has been opensourced, here is the announcement.

Developers can now access the source code of the end-user client, content creation tools and server in order to make modifications, enhancements or to create their own virtual worlds. This move marks a milestone in Ryzom's long history and dedication to the free software movement. In order to ensure that Ryzom continues to grow and foster as a free software project, Winch Gate is now releasing Ryzom under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's GNU Affero General Public License.

Winch Gate is also excited to provide the free software community with high quality professional artistic assets including 3D objects, animation tracks, particle effects and thousands of textures. All of the Ryzom artistic assets will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike to ensure that they and any derivative art will be available to all free software projects. These assets will be hosted in a new online repository in partnership with the Free Software Foundation.

By freeing Ryzom code, Winch Gate is transforming the MMORPG marketplace and is setting a precedent for how gaming software should evolve--in freedom. The source code released totals over two (2) million lines of source code and over 20,000 high quality textures and thousands of 3D objects.

Welcoming the news, Free Software Foundation executive director Peter Brown said, "This is a unique opportunity for the free software movement and the emerging free gaming field to accelerate the production of free games and 3D worlds. We recognize the importance of gaming and the current dominance of proprietary gaming software, so today represents a significant breakthrough from which our community can benefit." The FSF has published more information about the scope of today's release, and suggested ways for developers to get involved.

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Sunday, January 11th, 2009
5:26 pm
The basics.
Linux Distros:
+ Ubuntu
+ Fedora
+ Debian
+ ?

Fan activities:
+ Writing Fanfiction
+ Creating Icons/Headers/Manips/Other graphics
+ Creating FanVideos
+ LiveJournal Tools
+ ?

Things we'd like to see:
+ Software reviews for software that can be run on linux
+ Guides for installing and/or using software on linux
+ Questions about linux software
+ Communities relevant to linux and fandom activities on linux

Things we don't want to see:
+ Posts solely about your fanworks, links to fic/art/vids that don't involve a specific question or problem.
+ Posts about communities that don't have anything to do with linux
+ Bashing anyone's OS

Please post questions here. Feel free to add to the above lists or ask for clarification about the above.
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